Saturday, December 15, 2007

26 year old cat may be record breaker


Pussywillow, a cat living in the UK, may be the oldest cat in the country.

Pussywillow lives in Ratlinghope and is still “sharp in her mind and her eyes”, according to owner Lin Brown.

The black cat, who now enjoys curling up by the stove, lived off animals she caught herself until she was 22, Ms Brown said.

Healthy cats can normally live to about 18, with previous world record holders only reaching their early 20s.

Pussywillow was near-feral when she was first taken in by the family.

“I know from my local vet that they’ve always been absolutely astonished and said they have never known a cat that old.”

The family only started feeding the elderly feline after she survived an attack by a fox four years ago.

“Because of her wildness when she came she was pretty much an outdoor cat and had an organic diet and I hardly fed her anything,” Ms Brown said.

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I’ll just point out that Pussywillow wasn’t given cat food until she was 22 years old. Kinda makes you think, huh?


Boy said...

Which is why I say BBQ pork is good for us cats. You never see them pack BBQ pork up as cat food do you?

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

No. But I do have to say, she must be pretty good hunter. I nearly starve to death when I live outside because I could not catch enough food.