Monday, July 23, 2007


Hello everybody!

Momma says I'm not being friendly enough cause I haven't introduced myself. I am the great and mighty one known as Cashmere Growlypants Hunter. Though most everyone just calls me Hunter. Here's a link to my blog that my annoying little brother and I share...
Pets Pics and Stories
Normally I love my little brother, but he and I are having a dispute about which of us is the better photo subject. I say the only reason Momma's taking his pic is because he's such a ham! I am more likely to wait patiently *(and very handsomely) for her to notice my nice pose and then she gets the idea and snaps a pic.
I am an all black male kitty so sometimes my momma's flashy thing doesn't get a good pic. Its the flashy things fault, and she needs to buy a bigger and better one soon as I will only hold my cute poses for so long!!
Anyways, I introduced myself and hope to meet many fine felines in the days to come. Stop by at my brother's and I's blog and leave a comment. So far he is winning, cause everyone says he is the cutest one...and well, thats just not true!!!

~~~Hunter the Mighty One~~~


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi mighty Hunter! Yeah, it is hard to get a good picture of a House Panther without a good camera. Mommy needs a better one because my pictures come out all dark & stuff.
It is nice to meet you! I'm heading over to your blog now.

Pet's are 4 Life said...

Thanks for visiting...Everyone over at Simply Siamese is saying that Napoleon is cute..but here at The House Panthers, we know which kitty is the cutest!!


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Welcome to the House Panthers! We think you and your brother are both adorable! ...and you say he's a HAM?...mmmmmm...

jenianddean said...

Welcome to the House Panthers!
--Huggy Bear

The Cat Realm said...

I Dare You...!
Come on over and check it out.

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

YES MY CHAT NOIR furrrrends you are right it is John Lennon....I shouldn't have made it too easy with my hints....but then maybe you did already know? Send me your addy at kjacks2 AT charter DOT net. Card will be created just for you:)
Have a gr8 day and please come by for catmint tea anytime out on my patio:)
Purrrrs Miss Peachy