Friday, March 02, 2007

Smudge Report

Smudge is thriving. He weighs about the same as the last time I reported, but his coat has lost a lot of the brown twinges we were seeing due to CRF. A note of advice to anyone who has a Black Cat. Because it is chemically impossible to affect a True Black in nature, the closer an animal, who is supposed to be black, can sustain that mirage the better the apparent health of that animal.

Smudge, during his worst episodes, was showing brown at the fringes of his coat. His health was such that he could no longer maintain the mirage of "True Black".

I am happy to say that for the last two weeks he has lost all sign of brown in his coat. But, I am sad to have to report this next update.

Grandma told me that Smudge has been waking her up in the middle of the night. He pulls the blankets from her face and places his paw on her cheek. I know that Grandma reads the blogs so she sees all the goofy things I write about myself, her daughter and the the cats. But I don't know if she ever read Smudge's Tail of Devoshun.

I do not know if she understands the significance of Smudge's paw on her cheek. She is not specific as to what paw it is but I know which one it is. When the world is quiet and still, Smudge has been softly pulling the covers back from Grandma's face, and he has been placing his right paw on her cheek.

Smudge is trying to tell her in his own way that he loves her. The way he used to tell me.

As soon as she told me what Smudge had done, I knew what he was trying to tell her. I took me 8 years to figure it out. I thought about telling her my thoughts on Smudge's Two Paws, but I know that she will figure it out for herself.

I am no longer Smudge's Purrson.

With that knowledge, I turn ownership of the House Panthers to Huggy Bear, Turtle, Grr, Midnight, Cocoa, Buzzerbee and Meep.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Thank you - we're very proud to be House Panthers, and we're happy Smudge is doing so well. You know, so many kitties never really find even one purrson to share that love with, and Smudge has now had two special loves in his life. He's a very fortunate kitty. We're sending you lots of cuddly purrs.

jenianddean said...

We'll proudly keep the House Panthers running strong, but I do hope that we will receive Smudge updates occasionally. I know it breaks your heart, because our hearts are breaking for you. You know in your heart of hearts that Smudge will always love you, but is taking possession of Grandma, and in turn, growing to love her too.
--Huggy Bear

Finnegan & Buddy said...

Just as you can love more than one cat, Smudge has enough love in his big heart to love more than one person. Don't forget, Smudge uses two paws on you!

Hugs & purrs,
Finny & Buddy's mom bean

thebookmistress said...

You are such a great parent set free someone you love so much. You love is unselfish; it is the truest kind of love.

One of us said...

It is so good the Smudge has found someone to love. We are sorry it is not you anymore. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko ko

One of us said...

We still think he luvs you in his own way though ~Poiland Tribe

The Meezers said...

you know what? you will always be Smudge's daddy, and his ferst bean love.

Karen Jo said...

I'm very glad that Smudge is thriving with Grandma. I think Smudge will always love you, but now he loves Grandma, too.

INAMINI said...

Mom wants to say how much she appreciates your support while she is so sad about Kitten's death. You write beautifully, and she is saving your comments. Smudge is very lucky to have known you, and he is so lucky to have Grandma now.