Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hi I'm Pete, and I'm a house panther. I like sleeping in the bed on the mom's pillow, sleeping in the laundry baskets, sleeping in my cat condo, sleeping in the crates, sleeping with the doggies, and sleeping just about anywhere else.
My other intersts are eating, pestering the mom to feed me, soliciting my bruddy Lucky for a bath. I also enjoy birdwatching and Napcar (that's Nascar that you nap to).

Oh yeah, I'm quite large at 18 lbs or so. You know, give or take, depending what inane or insane diet that the humans have me on at the moment. I make my 13.5 lb Maine Coon bruddy look small. And I have a blog Petronious the Arbiter. An arbiter is someone who has alot to say about everything.

I almost forgot about my favorite thing to eat-Crickets-especially the ones you buy in the store to feed to lizards and frogs. I'll eat the black ones I find around the house, but they are not as tasty.

Things I hate: my older bruddy Punkin- he's so mean

the cat box- I despise that evil box- we were never meant to pee in a box

being forced to stay in the house all the time(Petey is not forced to remain in the house all the time, he's allowed outside almost everyday, he believes that he is being tortured)


one of us said...

Hi Pete, welcome to House Panthers...we rule ~Merlin

elmer said...

I love both of your blogs. Thanks for the visit to mine. You have great information about unusual topics. Thanks for the meow mix cat house information. Hilarious! I'm not moving out yet, though. I like my people.

psonica said...

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