Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hi! I'm Apollo, and I'm a House Panther! I help my Mom by catching mice (they sometimes sneak into the house) and by guarding the house. I keep the kitty who lives downstairs from sneaking up here, too.

I like to snooze on my Mom's lap when she's working at the computer. Mom suggested I should start blogging!

I'm twelve years old (almost 13!) My sister Athena used to live here too. She was a tortie, and she went to the Rainbow Bridge last year. We miss her.

I have some health problems, so Mom shoves chunky things down my throat twice a day, and only gives me special stinky goodness. I think the chunky things make me sick, but Mom says I'd die without them.

My bestest favorite things are snoozing on Mom's lap, watching the kitty TV (bird and squirrel feeders outside the big window) and sleeping in sunbeams on the waterbed. I'm smart, too. When it's cold in the winter and the sunbeams go away, I crawl between the flannel sheets and snooze there.


Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!) said...

Hi Apollo, nice to meet you! I'm a House Panther too, just not an offical member of the gang yet. Keep takin' the chunky things, Moms (usually) know what's best!


Anonymous said...

Apollo, your a cutie. My cat to had some health problems.She hated taking her medicine.Kitty's don't
realize we do it for them.Keep taking your medicine and stay with us.