Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday - Hello from Five Oaks

     We tried ta post here all week, but tings jus don wanna gives us time.  One times we even losted da piktures, but now we here, just to make sures we still gots da keys to da place.
     Da Small One (my Pretty One) and da Large One (my Lapdaddy) been busy taking care of us 6 Mouskateers, tryin to keep da heat away from us, seeins dat we don gets sicks.  Dey been havin troubles demselves, but sofars all is okydokey!

Dis my Happy place
But I gots my Mads look on 
'cause of dat clicky-flashy box
in da Bean's paws

     I Takes a naps when I cans, and I been seein to it dat da beans does da same.  Well, all us inside kitties has been workin hard at dat chores.  When dey not takin a cat naps I does my nappin in da Large One's lap.

Is nice here.
I has to work hard to gets my times here
but it worth it.
Large One allays fuss when I demands lappytimes
But him allays smiles while he fussin
and puttin a blankey in hims lap for me.

     I gots other happy places ta takes my nappies, and lots of dem is in da winders ..... Large One puts nestes for us in all da winders in da house 'ceptin da ones with da rumbly box what makes cold winds in da Manorhouse.  

Sometimes I takes nappy on da rompin rail what run
acrost da computyr room up in da Ceiling Kitty part of da Manorhouse.
But it not safe for long sleepy tymes nap
Sos I mostleys plays wif da Large One pony tail
when him walk under where I is.

     I tinks I says enough for nows.  Large one and da other Kitties gots tings dey wants to do an placeses dey wants to do on da interwebs, so I says Bye Byes now and go takes my nap sommeres where da beans don't can gets to wif dat click-flashy box ting.
     Y'all comes sees us at da Blog and at da Web Site.

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Mickey's Musings said...

Hello MikiCato !!!! We are glad you finally dot to post. WE enjoyed reading all about your favourite snoozy places. We also agree that it is good to have some spots away from that flashy box ;) heehee
have a super nap too!!
Purrs Tillie and Georgia

Brian's Home Blog said...

You are looking mighty fine wherever you comfy!

meowmeowmans said...

You are a cat after our own hearts ... you look like you can be comfortable pretty much anywhere. :)

Laura and Taffeta Rose said...

Hey MikiCato, lookin good! You've got lots of sweet nappy places.

Laura and Taffy

Kwee Cats said...

You got some great comfy spots. We sure understand about them flash boxes. We happy to hear from you whenever we do. It gets hard to keep up with all the goins on, we understand.

RoySr said...

Miki said: "Hello and tanks for da welcomes da 'flirts' an da 'HIs'. I gots more sleepy spots round da house. Maybe we talks about somes more of dem nex time. But I gots to talks about my outsides Sisfurr House Panther, Miss Princess too. She deserve to be in here sometimz. Maybe she get a chance to posk one time insteads of myselves!"