Sunday, September 20, 2009

Carnival of the Cats #288

Carnival of the Cats

From Blog d'Elisson, Haduna as "THE LOOK". And what pretty blue eyes he has too!

For some reason though, Elisson is not all that pleased with the new book Glamourpuss. I not mind getting dressed up, but I not like having my ears covered so I not want to wear one of those.

Wigs bad enough, but I pretty sure I not what ANY of the products Digerati Life write about!

The Poor Mouth presents Boris, in all his Magnificence. My goodness! He could be cat model! Hubba! Hubba!

More pretty blue eyes from Elms in the Yard!

No Deep Thoughts sends us a playful video in The More Things Change...

Our Furry Boys sed us nice picture of Sebastian resting. Or is he?

Aloysius is missing all his chipmunks. Neighbor should not have called exterminator, get rid of rodents, just as cat. Chipmunks still a be around then.

(Except I probably eat those too.)

Over at CatSynth, Luna has some Grass. I have lots of grass too. Outside.

We have nother month before Howl'N'Scream, but Denali from Kitty Kitty already have costume picked out! And you'll never guess what she going to be!

Over at Mind of Mog, it Catwalk Caturday with Meowza in the buff!

Meowza show us some of his grooming technique in Lick Lick.

There's been a new cat sighting at the Irish Coda. It seems Frisky is hiding out in Grandpa Bean's room.

(He does not look very frisky to me!)

Meanwhile, over at Strange Ranger, Maddie has a new toy, and some catnip!

(Tabby brofur has all kinds of catnip. He has been shopping for a garlic collar though, to ward off vampires.)

Roller Coaster of Love

That does it for this week's Carnival of the Cats! Need more cats? Check out weekend cat blogging at Life from a Cat's Perspective.

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Diamond what lovely work you did
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