Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dear Santa, I want it all!

House Panther,Grr,Domestic Cat,Black Cat,Holiday Glitter

Cause we are living, in a material world,
And I am a material Grr...

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Mo and The Purries said...

Diamond, that is very funny!

A Material Grr!
Oh Grr, you do look loverly!

Cafe Cats said...

Now Mama has dat songy in her head!

You sure are a furry purty Grr!


Anonymous said...

"and I am a material Grr"! Diamond, you just made my day (and the Lady's too)!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

And a beautiful Material Grr you are too.
Dear Grr, You know I would give you all that and more if only my furry pocket were deeper.
Love furrom your Flynn.

Sasha said...

what an attrrractive photo... purrr.
May you crunch up a lot of favourite things at Christmas.


I like the idea of Diamond Bling!