Sunday, July 06, 2008

Carnival Of The Cats

Welcome to House Panthers!

It's the 225th edition of the Carnival Of Cats,
and I'm your hostess, Little Isis!

Let's get started with My Merry Band of Mercenaries (LOVE that title!) Gertrude, Gregor, and Dapper Dan at El Blog De Kalin tackle a big barn mouse problem!

At Blog d'Elisson, Hakuna and Neighbor are Getting To Know You, with some stalking and ominous yowling.

Larceny: The Finest Spice cats spin some Cat Yarns by telling us that stolen foods taste better!
Well, of course!

Jams O'Donnell from The Poor Mouth shares with us some Mummified Cats At The British Museum, and Not The Mama would like to remind everyone that cats were revered in Ancient Egypt!

Ferdinand, Lucky, and Boots are The Three Faces Of Felinity at the Conservative Cat.

The gang from JB's Small World reveal why We Were So Scared! and why they were locked in a closet: they're gonna move to a new home!

Chey made Not The Mama laugh for Find Chey Friday at Chey's Place - you make a lovely Lady Liberty, Chey!

Puddy looks positively FREAKY, like she’s on drugs or a zombie or something at A Byootaful Life's Freaky Friday! Freaky, dood!

Was it Packet or Kismet being naughty? You'll have to click over to find out! Because it's pretty Mycah's purrthday over at TacJammer! Happy Purrthday!!! Tuna for everycat!

Tip Diva has the Top Ten Tips For Keeping Cats & Dogs Safe This Summer.

It's life with a Cereal Killer over at Perfectly Parker! Run Diamond!

Hey! Check out a sweet patriotic House Panther over at Composite Drawlings!

black cat 1

Two purty purries are featured on Friday Cat Blogging over at Your Moosey Fate.

Oooh, after reading the post at Elms In The Yard, we're Worried About Lady! Sending lots of House Panther PURRS to Lady!!!

Of course everybean's First Picture With Their New Camera should be of a gorgeous puddin! Check out Maximum Leader's great portrait over at The Scratching Post!

There's a NO Fly Zone at Very Funny Pictures!

Momma Grace & Company
share their fridge with us for the Fridge Meme!

red string

Advisors to Great Leader Chairman Meow have found a noble organization called "CROM" - Cat Rescue of Maryland, so check out Baltimore: Land Of The Kitty, the Chairman says so!

One of the world's sexiest House Panthers (mmmmrrrroooowww!) shows us how to distract your bean when the computer's on the fritz over at Missy & KC's place! And then BJ & Smokey, gorgeous in their own furry splendor, show us how best to do some floofy belleh cuddlin' -- is there room for some Little Isis in that sexy sandwich?

Skittles' LOLCATS pic sure is byootiful over at The Whole Kitten Kaboodle! If you haven't put in your vote, why not???

The Meowers From Missouri share How We Spent Our 4th Of July - wet! wet! wet!

Fat Eric is in trouble! Read his post to find out the funny trick he played! Heeeeee!

with mouse

It's a very red, white, and blue Happy 4th Of July over at Life From A Cat's Perspective with Samantha & Mr. Tigger! You all sure are patrioticats!

Our fun friends Chica & Pumuckl take us on another adventurous tour of Egypt with a fun trip to Abu Simbel this week, and guess what?!? I get to go on a tour with Chica and Pumuckl in a couple of weeks! Won't that be fun?!?!?

Esther Garvi shares some Cat Expressions - with some squeeeeee! inducing pics of one of the most mini-tigers ever!

Sisu's You and Your Pussy Cat Toes and a patriotic combo of a kitty and a red, white & blue recipe made us smile, so be sure to check them out!

Check out the very first blog pic ever at House of the (Mostly) Black Cats as Sanjee and the Hotties celebrate their third Blogiversary! Congrats to the Hottie Cats, that is (M)ost wonderful!

Rocky and the gang are Baaaaaack over at Artsy Catsy! and Rocky is sittin' in the sink to protest the distruption caused by the new wall color (I like it!).

There's some great House Panther claws flashing in a cool cat genealogy post over at Searching For Family Branches: Beloved Pets.

It's time for lickety-licks and scratchey-scratchings in the Mind Of Mog where the lovely Meowsza is featured for Caturday!

There's a reallly cool stalking picture in the grass over at Snow & Forest, so make sure you go and leave 'em a comment there!

And finally there's ME, Little Isis, where Not The Mama is tryin' to tell y'all I've got a pointy head (not!!!) for this week's pointy Photo Hunters at Purrchance To Dream!

Thanks for joining us here at House Panthers
for this Carnival of the Cats!!!!
Little Isis

Some graphics for this post were from Cat Stuff Graphics:
black cat 1


Sissy Willis said...

Dazzling! I like your style, :-)

Samantha & Mom said...

Oh Isis, you did a wonderful job as hostess for the Carnival! House Panthers rock!
Your FL furiends,

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Very good job, Isis. You are a wonderful hostess. This was a great carnival. Yay, House Panthers.

Marilynn said...

What a wonderful carnival! Super job, Isis!!


Grace & Company

Robyn and The (Mostly) Badass Cat said...

Great job, Little Isis! You are a super hostess. Can I hire you next time I want to have a party here at the house? Thanks for doing this week's Carnival!
Mom Robyn


hosting Little Isis!

Elisson said...

A wonderful Carnival. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

excellent job! sadly, our internet was on and off yesterday, mostly off, and we didn't get to come by till now ::pout::