Monday, April 21, 2008

Midnight Monday

black cat
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I tend to forget that Sassy is a cat. Most of her rather inventive blog has been dedicated to her exploits and outrageous trips around the world, often in anthropomorphized form.

But she is a cat, and a House Panther to boot. Going through her blog since she started it, I found exactly five pictures of her in feline form that had not been photo shopped in some way. Maybe we can get her to remedy that situation? We love your trips, but we love to see you in your natural state as well!

You can find Sassy's more recent adventures at Sassy Tales. Her profile says only that she lives in the rural midwestern United States, that she is loving, lazy loyal, headstrong, sensitive, persistent, quiet and spoiled. Beyond that, we know little of Sassy, the real life feline.

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Midnight Monday:
Come on House Panthers, show us your petty black furs!
It’s Meezer Monday for all Meezers with Simply Siamese
Mancat Monday for all ferocious Mancats and mancats-in-training
Movie Monday for our Feline Fellini Furriends

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Anxiety and You

Not call cats lie contented across the back of an overstuffed sofa, selectively oblivious to house mates and visitors. Cats can be afflicted with worry and anxiety, just as humans can. Although cats are unable to describe these emotions to their human companions, they are very expressive through their behavior. With some observation and attention to body language, your human should be able to identify the situations that cause anxiety in you.

The anxious cat, regardless of the reason, will usually show physical signs of distress and conflicted emotions. She may hide much of the time, especially when faced with visitors, loud noise, or other uncomfortable stimuli. Cats may also show indirect signs of anxiety, such as urinating and defecating outside the litter box, or urine-spraying (a marking behavior); they also may lick themselves to the point of causing bald spots or even broken skin. An anxious cat's pupils may be dramatically dilated, and she may lash her tail back and forth—such behaviors usually signal agitation or fear.

What kinds of situations are likely to make you so nervous? Most common is anxiety due to social conflicts with other cats. Social anxiety may be spurred when a second, territorially aggressive cat joins the household, for example. Territorial behavior includes stalking, staring at and pouncing on the victim, who usually chooses to hide rather than be continually bothered.

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Coming up this week: Tuesday is Black Tabby Tuesday for all you black tabbies out there, Wednesday is Blue Wednesday for our Russian Blue members,Thursday is Grrday, and Friday is Formerly Feral or Foster Friday.

black cat


Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Sassy is my sissy and I don't have too many more of her photos either, may just one or two more.

Sassy Kat said...
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Cat Naps in Italy said...

That is a wonderful poster that you made of Miss Sassy! Now that you mention it, we haven't been very good about posting real photos of ourselves since our human learned how to photo shop. Maybe we should work on that too. Of course, it sure is fun to make that photoshop photos! hehehehehehehe!

Opus and Roscoe

Kimo and Sabi said...

SAssy is furry lovely!

The Cat Realm said...

What a wonderful poster of Sassy! But you are sooooooo right! Karl needed her for some picture project the other day and went through her blog to look for one and realized the same thing - most every picture she is dressed up hilariously one way or another!!! Maybe we should all sign a petition for her to model for some 'au natural' pictures?
Mrs. OZ

catsynth said...

The upper-right and center-right photos are really interesting. Sassy is a lovely "house panther"

Sassy Kat said...

Thanks for the nice photos of me and the post. I didn't realize that there were not so many photos of me. I like to have my blog feature my adventures and use the imagination to take me to different places.

Perhaps I should let others know about me and I will share a little with you at this time. I am a stray kitty and do not have a home. I showed up on the porch of the mom of the house here and she started putting food out for me. I liked the food so much that I kept coming back, the food was so good. Now we are a family and this is a nice home to know.

I am pretty much a fradie cat and only trust humans that I know, then I don't trust them 100%. I always have to be on guard and this is the main reason that I don't like to be held. I do like to be petted but I only come to and allow the ones who know me to do this.

There is more to learn about me and the mom of the house said she will try and share more of that with you and try to get more photos. She will try to get photos of me but I don't really like my picture taken much.

So you can see why my adventures are fun for me and the mom of the house. Don't get me wrong I am a happy kitty. Just like my profile says I am loyal, loving, sensitive, quiet, and headstrong. You should see the yummy treats the mom of the house has for me making me feel oh so spoiled.

I do live in northern Indiana even though sometimes the computer thingie says I live in Indianapolis. The mom of the house doesn't know how to fix that.

I hope you will visit me and get to know me better, I will try to let others know me a little better.


I hope it's okay I moved Spooky Do
and his photos to the Midnight
Monday Date. I think Sassy is
a beauty but I am rather partial
to ANY black kitty. Purrs......

Jans Funny Farm said...

We love Sassy and her adventurous spirit, and never thought about how few actual photos there are of her. We enjoyed reading her reply and seeing the poster you made of her.