Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Carnival of the Cats #215


car·ni·val –noun
1. a traveling amusement show, having sideshows, rides, etc.
2. any merrymaking, revelry, or festival, as a program of sports or entertainment: a winter carnival.

Welcome to the Carnival of the Cats, issue #215 - come on in and enjoy yourself!

The fun but ferocious felines gracing our header are Dentzel cats and you can find out more about them at Myth Monday (on Sunday).

Maximum Leader was my first submission for this carnival and he shares an beautiful photo of herself at The Scratching Post.

Curiousity may have killed the cat, but Hrimnir of the House of Chaos is just curious - as any kitten should be.

It appears there was a disturbance in the Force at Anywhere but Here.

The Converative Cat talks about one of my favorite topics: Toys!

Toys are of course one way to entertain a bored cat. Heathy Cat Care Advice shares several others.

Ted, a very handsome Tuxie, is not bored, but very talented. Find out his new task at The Poor Mouth.

Speaking of Tuxie's there's a good bit of Kitty Karma going around at Manx Mnews, the home of my fellow Floridian Tuxie Hideway members.

We've got Tabby bi-color Toesies and Tummy over at Perfectly Parker, who of course shows them off perfectly!

This, that & the Other Thing has tabbies and tuxies and also has an urgent need of a cat whisperer. Honestly, it just seems like good clean feline fun over there to me!

And while we're on Tuxies and Tabbies, Samantha Black and Mr. Tigger from Life from a Cat's Perspective have been left all alone. Time for a trash the house party! (I'll be right over!)

Pumucki at 4 months old

It's Pumucki's first birthday and they're celebrating over at Living with funny Cats in Egypt. Stop on by and wish him a happy one as he is officially a mancat now!

Is that a House Panther I spy? I believe it is! It's Jax on Furbaby Friday at the Texas Oasis.

Grace and the kittens are on a Frog hunt over at Momma Grace & Company.

Speaking of hunting, can you find TC Bear in this picture:

Click image to enlarge

I got started blogging in part because Stick and Ball Guy was doing Saturday Cat Blogging on his site a few years ago. I figured if one day a week was good, seven days a week would be much better.

Miss Caitie, a shady lady cat, is celebrating some Traditional Friday Cat Blogging at It's all Good. Of course it is!

Blog d'Elisson talks about the Maneki Neko - the Japanese Beckoning Cat - as well as the Japanese Bobtail breed, which the lucky cat symbols were patterned after.


Composite Drawlings has some early week cat stuff on her site, as it seems that Stretch will helped to the bridge soon, and Kokopelli (pictured above) was fixed - although he'd probably tell you he wasn't broken.

(Note to blogger: you're new word verification program is extremely difficult to read. That's hardly a way to promote community, is it?)

We're not quite ready to leave Composite Drawlings though, as Maus shows us the Beauty in the Beast in her latest photo session.

TacJammer wishes to introduce Kismet and Packet, an exceptionally curious lad and an big soft, fluffball. Stop on by give them a big Cat Blogosphere welcome!

Missy Blue Eyes

Missy Blue Eyes shares her Thankful Thursday with us over at Missy & KC. It seems MomBean has a new camera!

It's also a double Tortie Tuesday at K.C.'s place, which will have you doubling your fun.

Of course, I Ain't Misbehavin' and neither are those lovely girls.

Sandwiched Mom shares with us a sunny silhouette of another pretty tortie, named Aniwa Scrat.

Over at the Mind of Mog Meowza's was enjoying a roll in the dirt so much that Cece just had to jump in!

iMeowza talks about Mu Shue Poo King Cat, hero cat, as well as the Squillion won by Mog.


Meanwhile, Ilnfidel was wondering if Meowza could come out and play. Please????

But Meowza is busy showing off his tummy on Tummy Tuesday.

Are cats A deep threat to all that is human? I don't know, I like humans. This is a very political post, but there's a nice picture of Babe taking a long catnip during it.

I generally don't go near the toilet, but Small and Big explains that there is more to toilet training than we think. They offer a simple solution to kitty potty problems that humans will find amusing, and easy to implement.

Back at This, that and the other thing we find out that four footed family members are not fat...just fluffy. But seriously, pet obesity has become as much of a concern as human obesity has in posing health risks. So they also talk about 20 minutes of exercise, twice a day. Time to start sweating to the oldies...

One of my favorite forms of exercise is getting a good catnip workout, but that's not what Cato for President is talking about when he tells us about Gettin' High. Well, aerial aerobics is another one my favorite ways to get exercise as well.

Luna shows off her House Panther layout, but this weekend is celebrating cats both domestic and wild.

cat in the box

Another long post from sisu is perhaps more on topic, at least briefly. Animals of course have long been able to resolve things on thier own, and we don't need lawyers and a court system either.

Fifteen cats who resolve things with their human artists reside at Artsy Catsy where Fracas shows us yoga postures of the heir apparent. Humm...and not a Turkey Cat anywhere in those photos...

Is there a better way for a human to start out a Sunday morning than with a cup of coffee, watching cats at play? This, That & the Other Thing does not think so. need for a cat whisperer, they worked things out on their own!

Stranger Ranger has spotted a sign of spring - or is it the approaching apocalypse? Myself, I have been noticing signs of summer - or the blast furnace yet to come - while I was spending some time in the front yard this morning.

Things are easy like Sunday morning over at Jimmy Joe's Pad, he's been seeing birdies and smelling adventure outside as well.

Over at Furry Paws, a pair of Brooklyn Cats discover the joys of cuddling with a floofyhead as "Bunny Bunny is One of Us".

Storm, The Furry Fighter had the World's Most Beautiful Siamese done to her again and it seems to have done the trick, but she is still feeling not quite herself. Stop by and offer some encouragement.

Pepper, Queen of Cheetahs, purrs about the 10 friendliest, and least friendliest, breeds of cats. She has a new blogspot address as well, having moved over from Xanga.

China Cat

China Cat is taking it easy in the window this morning, and thinks about strollering. I must admit to being happy to live in an area where I get to go outside and can do so with relative safety.

Meanwhile Willow Cat is taking it easy on the porch. Perhaps the Willow cats are tired out from too much fun at the carnival? I know I am!

Well, that about wraps it up! Thank you so much for joining us for Carnival the Cats here at House Panthers!

If I have missed your submission, please let me know and I will add it!

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Need more cat blogging?

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Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos #42 (04-27-2008) at Pet's Garden Blog.
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Need a Knock Knock Joke? Knock Knock Jokes has the biggest collection of Knock Knock jokes on the internet!

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Diamond Emerald-Eyes you did a wonderful Carnival of the Cats!! We always love learning more about our Cat furiends! Mom is out of town so we are late with our post! Sorry! Here it is....

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Thanks for a great carnival and letting me lead off!

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Thanks for the great Carnival! (Now if we could only find catnip-flavored cotton candy.)


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