Monday, March 06, 2006

Are you Sleek and Furious?

Since everybody is forming kitty cliques in our blogging, I didn't want to leave out my Smudge and the other pure black kitties who are out there blogging and are tired of being left out.

So if you want to join send an email to


Twizzler, Jack, Fwankwin, and Gracie said...

Hey Smudge - we just emailed ya 'cause we wanna join! House Panthers unite!

=^..^= said...

Bangles and Gucci would like to join too! :) We've e-mailed you as well.

Orlando Bun said...

Carmen and Xavier just sent you a message

Just Ducky said...

Yeah, now all the kitties can have their own gangs. No fighting like on West Side Story. Sharks vs Jets.